Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 関ジャニ∞ ^___^!!

omg!!!,omg!!! This Eito's PV is so and i mean soooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!~
AH~~~~~ RyoChan,MaruChan,Yassu,Hina,Baru,You,and Tachon ^___^ this Pv is funny ne!!!!!! Arigatou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are GREAT Eito ^__^!!!!! it made me happy!!!,Aigatou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MinnaSan if you could watch it ,it will be great ne!!!!! ^__^.
Musekinin Heroooo~ is just great (i said too much GREAT ne~)

Kyaaaaaaaaa~ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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more wallies hehe~

So because i am bored and it's weekend here when i live i did some wallies ne~

Kame[1] 1280x800
Nishikido kun [1] 1280x1024
Okura kun [1] 1024x768
Shige[1] 1024x768



Enjoy ^__^.


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Eh~ because i caught Flu and i skipped university for 3 days all i do is lying in my bed in front of my laptop so i decided to make some wallies to kill the time.

all of them are 1024X768.


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JinJin Wallies

Today was the worst day in my life(usoooooo~ one of the worst days) a blackout aaaaAAAA~! but  the whole day it is not fair WHYYYYYYYYY??? why today? why on SC day?
I didn't watch SC because of that,and i was so so angry(I want to know what happened please someone tell me~)

so THE angry me went to do some wallies(thanks god my laptop was on full batery even if that wasn't enough),and i just finished now NOW  at 22:38 NOW,they fixed it at 20:10 why they couldn't fix it at 18:00 whaaaaaaaaaaay?
so that came up in my mind  in the dark.
                                                    cause i love this picture of Jin I made 2 of it.
they are all (1280x800).
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 Un,this is my first wallpaper ever .
I hope they are okay and you will like it.
so I made :


Masu jest specjalnie dla ciebie Ilonciu.
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